we put the art in food

team building

hong kong’s premier catering & events company also conducts team building cooking classes for both corporate and private parties. experience food and bond as a team with us!

making connections

we offer team building events ranging from the most basic knife and traditional cooking skills to an all-out molecular food science lab. get your hands dirty for a fun day with the team!

we are all in the people business and at culinart we connect people through a culinary experience. what better way than to put like-minded people together in a group to experience food and bond as a group through our fun team building events?!

state-of-the-art equipment
lots of natural light
spacious preparation area
suitable for events, test kitchen set-up, photo & film shoots
fun & entertaining
suitable for all skill levels
custom catered menu

boost morale

led by one of our seasoned catering professionals, you will be guided through a variety of food handling and preparation sessions with on-going support throughout. many companies and smaller businesses have sought after our group cooking lessons as a corporate activity to boost morale and promote valuable teamwork skills. help quieter staff members break out of their shell and interact with their fellow colleagues, fostering inter-department relationships and strengthening ties of comradery. this will help improve social relations and defines roles within your team.